How Con of Heroes started

Con of Heroes began as a fleeting conversation in 2020.

Arkham Horror LCG has the FFG-ran Arkham Nights, and the Mythos Busters have been in talks to create a “BusterCon” for the game. That’s two events! Lord of the Rings LCG had official “Fellowship Events” worldwide via Organized Play kits, as well as two still-active fan conventions in Con of the Rings and Lure of Middle-earth.

“But what about Marvel?”

Over the years many people have asked Hall of Heroes (Chris) about starting a con. It’s something that’s been talked about for ages, and thanks to some preliminary help from the Con of the Rings staff (who had already planned several cons for Lord of the Rings LCG), we started to break ground on Con of Heroes in earnest in late 2021. Several community members expressed interest in a spring card game con given that there was a gap in events at that time, and the dates were set.

One of the first people to approach Hall of Heroes was KennedyHawk (Dan) of Marvel Champions Monthly fame. We were soon joined by community member Hone (Terence), and a committee was formed. Amerikano (Austin) and Attercop (Shane), also hailing from Marvel Champions Monthly, joined later that year to help with 2022.

The first Con of Heroes ran from May 20-22, 2022 in Roseville, Minnesota at the Gamezenter, formerly known as the “FFG Center.” We’re very proud to present this con as a way for the Marvel Champions community to come together and enjoy three full days of unfettered fun.

Special thanks to Christian Petersen for providing the space for the event, as well as community members like Tyquaius for asking “when is Con of Heroes?” every week for a year. And a very special thanks to the Free Peoples of the North, the Con of the Rings staff, for helping us through a lot of the planning muck.

You can always find updates for Con of Heroes on this site, or on the Hall of Heroes Discord in the Con of Heroes channel.


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