Con of Heroes 2023 tickets are on sale at this link!

Playmat sales have ended as of March 1! We need to get the final count in to the manufacturer

Con of Heroes 2023 is confirmed and booked for May 5th-May 7th, 2023 in Roseville, MN

Early bird tickets were released to the public at 12PM ET on November 1, 2022. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at the convention! If you have any questions, our inbox is open for anything –

Early bird ticket pricing will end on December 31, and general sale will be sold going forward on January 1, 2023. General sale will increase the ticket cost by $5.

Curious how 2023 will stack up compared to 2022? Check out our basic schedule!

Once you have your ticket, you can book your flights and hotels! We will have a special Con of Heroes rate/room block code that you can book online here.

We are aiming to sell roughly 100 tickets, which will help fund the convention fees for the huge space we’ve been provided, as well as swag, and any future conventions. Monies collected will go directly into the convention.

Tickets can be canceled anytime before March 31, 2023. This is roughly when we are required to lock in the rest of the venue and SWAG payments so that the convention can go forward, and items can be printed on time.

Note that in the event that the con is canceled by the venue, we will roll the con into the next year, and will refund all tickets.

2023 SWAG

Con of Heroes 2023 premium add-on mat

Players havd the option to purchase a playmat for 2023 as an add-on to their ticket (final design/logo pending) until March 1, 2023.

All tickets come with multiple items of SWAG: right now we are planning a new first player token using the 2023 Magneto logo!

Like last year, the Con of Heroes key art for 2023 was created by the wonderful team of Dawn Bright and Dan.

We’re hard at work on several other card-based SWAG items, which attendees will be able to enjoy at the con.

Raffles will also return, as will SHIELD HQ!

2022 SWAG

Con of Heroes 2022 premium add-on mat

Players had the option to purchase a playmat for 2022 as an add-on to their ticket.

All tickets come with multiple items of SWAG. Here’s the first piece for 2022: a customized Con of Heroes first player token, to use at the con!

And here’s another piece of 2022 SWAG: new cards to use at the con! Each player received two modular sets and a full set of campaign cards for our Saturday event.

Raffle prize preview (2022 items pictured)

Each ticket enters you into a raffle, where you’ll be able to choose from a set amount of prizes. We’ll call raffle winners periodically at the con! Here’s a look at some of the items raffled in 2022.

Raffles will be called at 1PM, 3PM, 5PM, 7PM, and 9PM local time each day (excluding Sunday, which will only have 1PM and 3PM raffles due to the Gamezenter closing early). You must be present to claim your raffle. If you are not, we will re-enter your entry back into the raffle pool.