Past Convention Events

Con of Heroes will return in 2023! May 5th through May 7th at the Gamezenter in Roseville, Minnesota: ticket information later this year


The calm before the storm: this is the staff (Mag, KennedyHawk, Hone, Amerikano) setting up Con of Heroes the night before. The second image is our banner on display as attendees checked into the Doubletree hotel the night before the convention. There’s nothing more exciting than pre-convention hype!

SHIELD HQ in all its glory: a free table to pick up heroes, aspect cards, villains, and mods: given how popular it was, expect SHIELD HQ to return in 2023!

Taking part of the first major event, the con crushed Ultron into oblivion on Friday May 20, 2022! Attendees both at home and on location were tasked with defeating 1250 Ultron drones collectively as a group. Three out of the four Con of Heroes staff members joined the fight as the Drone Zone team. The reward for everyone in attendance was a fan-made hero promo card for Black Panther

Attendees were able to check out the raffle prize case, and buy Ironheart and Nova (releasing the same day as the opening of the con) as soon as they entered the con on the first day. Gamezenter also had signs for our event across all their monitors!

Designers Caleb Grace (lead), MJ Newman (guest designer), and Tony Fanchi (designer) were able to make it out to Con of Heroes 2022! They signed some cards, chatted with fans, and were presented with an award from the playtest team.

It was a lively Saturday as the four part campaign kicked off with our custom cards (which were provided as SWAG to attendees); alongside of cookies and drinks provided by the con.

The staff joined along in the 2022 campaign play-along too!

  • Mag – Captain Marvel Justice
  • Hone – Scarlet Witch Leadership
  • Hawk – Black Panther Justice
  • Amerikano – Iron Man Justice

Usually Sundays are the most relaxed days for tabletop conventions, but we had a pretty lively crowd. Here they are still checking out SHIELD HQ, and getting some games in (Champions and non-Champions related!).

The Sunday crowd (around 50% of attendees) poses for a group picture: that’s a wrap on Con of Heroes 2022

2022 Events

Friday (2:30PM CST): Con of Heroes Vs. Ultron

Ultron is attacking the Con of Heroes compound, and everyone will need to band together to stop him!

Depending on the amount of groups who participate, Ultron will have a set amount of drones that the con needs to defeat (which will be tracked by a con official). All groups, collectively, will try to stop Ultron by eliminating enough drones to win the event. Even if you threat out or are destroyed by Ultron, as long as the drone menace is contained, everyone wins. Groups are free to play on any difficulty they wish. The twist: every group will start on stage 2B!

At the end of the day, we all collectively cleared 1652 drones out of the 1250 goal.

Saturday (12:30PM CST): Con of Heroes 2022 Campaign

Con of Heroes will be hosting a miniature campaign. The gist? You’ll play through a sequence of scenarios in a row in one sitting.

This one is a bit less intense, in the Marvel Champions style, and will consist of four scenarios back to back. Groups are free to play on any difficulty they wish.

Sunday (10:00AM-6:00PM CST): Community/Learn a New Game Day