Travel and Con Info

Location and dates

Con of Heroes will be held in 2022 from May 20-22 at the Gamezenter in Roseville, Minnesota.

1975 County Road B2 West
Roseville, MN 55113

  • Friday, May 20, 2022: 11AM to 11PM
  • Saturday, May 21, 2022: 11AM to 11PM
  • Sunday, May 22, 2022: 11AM to 6PM

While the Gamezenter does not allow outside food or drink, it does have a full kitchen as well as beer on tap available, and all Gamezenter food/drink is allowed inside. The store can get very busy and the lines can get long, so consider sneaking in an order when the kitchen opens (typically noon). They provide pagers that buzz you when your food is ready.

The center also has a full game store and on-site game library as well as opportunities to play plenty of other things, not just Marvel Champions. If you want to take a breather, you can easily do so, or perhaps head to Minneapolis for a day trip.

Con of the Rings has an excellent locally-sourced community guide for Twin Cities activities.

If you need help locating where Con of Heroes is within the Gamezenter, simply ask an employee where the “Sirus Event Room” is located.

Tickets will go on sale with advance notice, and are expected to roll out in early 2022.

Travel (airport code: MSP)

[Big thanks to Con of the Rings for letting us use some of this travel info, who has been hashing out events to the Roseville, MN area for several years]

Con of Heroes 2022 is in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area, 9.5 miles from the state capitol and 8 miles from downtown Minneapolis. The nearest airport is the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP), located approximately 20 miles away from the convention. MSP is a major hub for Delta and Sun Country airlines.

While there is no direct mass transit link between the airport and the convention location, travel by rental car, taxi, or ride service is simple and efficient. Again, here is the address you need to get to from the airport/your place of lodging:

1975 County Road B2 West
Roseville, MN 55113

For those who want to visit downtown Minneapolis or Saint Paul, there are electric train lines (Blue Line / Green Line) that run directly from the airport into the cities. For further mass transit information, visit MetroTransit.


The convention is adjacent to several reasonable motels and hotels, but Con of Heroes has a deal with the DoubleTree Hotel Minneapolis/St. Paul North. The DoubleTree is within walking distance to the event, about .5 miles / .8 km. There is a special convention rate of $122 at the hotel if you book by phone using this number: 651.636.4567.

Ask for your reservation to be under the “Con of Heroes” block. To qualify for the reduced rate, you must reserve your room by April 28, 2022. Breakfast may not be included depending on the current COVID situation, and check-in is after 3:00PM central.

In case you ever need it, the address of the hotel is:

DoubleTree by Hilton
2540 Cleveland Ave
Roseville, MN 55113

Directions to the Gamezenter and the con room

This is a panoramic view of the Doubletree hotel and the Gamezenter: it’s basically just a stone skip away. The hotel sign is on the right of the image, the Gamezenter location is on the left.

Walk out of the side of the hotel near the restaurant (Axels), and up the hill. Turn left and go behind the building in front of you around the corner in the center of the image. The Gamezenter is on the left side at the very end.

This is the front of the Gamezenter.

When you enter, you’ll see the cafeteria/restaurant on the left (this is where you’ll buy items and order drinks/food). Head straight down the hall and to the left.

You’ll see a door in the left-hand corner: that’s where Con of Heroes is being held! The rest of the store is generally free play for patrons.


There is a Walmart just several blocks away from the hotel and the Gamezenter, roughly 10 minutes walking distance.

Walmart Supercenter
1960 Twin Lakes Pkwy
Roseville, MN 55113

Here is a panoramic view of the Doubletree hotel and the Walmart. Walmart is on the left, the India Palace restaurant is in the middle, and the hotel is on the right.

Right next to it is an Aldi grocery store, which provides online ordering/pickup options. You can place the order from your hotel/on the way from the airport, then pick it up.

2005 Twin Lakes Pkwy
Roseville, MN 55113

One of the more popular dining spots in Roseville is the County Road shopping center with Buffalo Wild Wings, which is roughly 12 minutes walking distance from Gamezenter.

In the above image, the road leading to Gamezenter is on the right, and the shopping center is on the left.

Buffalo Wild Wings
1777 County Road B2 W #215a
Roseville, MN 55113

Vegan/vegetarian food options

If you need vegetarian/vegan dining recommendations, Happy Cow has a few options in the area. Do not count on the Gamezenter providing these options, as they have a limited menu for dietary restrictions (as of 2021, they can make a baked potato with no toppings, or customize salads, but no main courses).

The aforementioned India Palace restaurant is a great vegan/vegetarian spot, as it’s close to the hotel (which is ideal if you’re pressed for time), and the food is excellent. Make sure to check the hours, because they do close between lunch and dinner for a short time. It has a vegetarian menu, and we have confirmed that several items are vegan as well.

Other foods for specific dietary needs can be acquired via delivery, through services like Doordash. There are a few places that provide vegan/vegetarian food, including Impossible/Beyond Burgers and vegan pizza. If you provide exact instructions in the app, many services will even deliver it right to your hotel room door. You can also opt to meet them outside or check with the front desk to see if you can have food left there.

If you’re vegan/vegetarian, do yourself a favor and go to Walmart or another nearby grocery store (see above) on the first day. Set yourself up with a few essentials in case you find yourself in a position where you’re unable to eat at a certain location. Just remember that Gamezenter does not allow outside food/drinks.

The Herbivorous Butcher also has some great vegan meat options that you can store in your fridge: and is a short ride share trip away and delivers via some apps.

“What should I bring?”

We know that travel space is a premium, especially if you aren’t checking a bag. You’re free to bring your entire collection if you like, but we’re aiming to focus on one major cycle of encounters so everyone can simply pack the contents of one story box, and proctor games for every single group. You are free to bring as many scenarios as you like.

Right now, we are looking at having Friday themed around Mad Titan’s Shadow, and Saturday themed around Sinister Motives (if it is released on time). Players are free to play and bring whatever scenarios they want, but we will have these days available as themes so everyone is experiencing the same general feel each day.

Marvel Champions is also unique in that you can pack every modular set in the game without much issue if you’d rather do that; and just get your cards back at the end of a session.

As for how many hero decks you should bring, three to five is a good generalist recommendation. Three is more than enough, as that way, you can ensure several combinations of heroes in four player, with very little chance of overlap throughout the entire convention. Think about packing a “sideboard” of 10-15 cards with each hero to cover unique card overlap in a bigger game.

There are many convention go-ers who wouldn’t mind lending you decks, either. Don’t sweat only bringing a few decks: worst case, groups can come to an agreement where it’s OK to double-up on a few uniques. And hero packs may be available for purchase at Gamezenter, depending on stock.


The Con of Heroes planning team is still working out the full con schedule (with plenty of updates to follow), but suffice to say we will host several events throughout the convention, and will be giving away prizes, including myriad copies of previous promo cards.

We are not looking to host an off-site event during Con of Heroes in 2022 due to health and safety reasons. While these are very typical of fan conventions, we’re pushing our off-site event to 2023 as a precaution. Don’t worry, it’ll be worth the wait!


  • All attendees are customers of the Gamezenter and all customer guidelines apply. This includes NO outside food or drink or third-party transactions.
  • The convention planning team reserves the right to remove an attendee for 1) violating any local laws or facility rules, 2) failing to comply with the instructions of convention or Gamezenter staff, 3) endangering the physical or emotional safety of oneself or others, 4) threatening, stealing, cheating, or harassing others [including hate speech], or 5) failing to follow common-sense guidelines for mature conduct.
  • On Friday, the Gamezenter lot is very full to accommodate Asmodee North America employees, so please park across the street in the Salvation Army overflow lot as needed. On Saturday and Sunday, please park in the Gamezenter lot, paying very close attention to the signs. The parking lot can be confusing, and we owe it to the Gamezenter and its neighbors to be good patrons. Please double-check your parking spot.