Con of Heroes FAQ

More travel and con info can be found here!

1) What types of events will be hosted?

In addition to free play of Marvel Champions and more games throughout the weekend; we will be hosting an achievement series for rewards, as well as a drafting format live at the con. More events are TBD.

If you have an event you’d like to host, please contact us at conofheroes(at)

2) Is this event associated with FFG?

No it is not. It’s a fan convention. This con and website are not produced, endorsed, supported, or affiliated with Fantasy Flight Games. The copyrightable portions of Marvel Champions and its expansions are © 2019 – 2020 Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. © MARVEL. Fantasy Flight Supply is a (TM) of Fantasy Flight Games. Fantasy Flight Games, the FFG logo, Living Card Game, LCG, and the LCG logo are ® Fantasy Flight Games. All Rights Reserved to their respective owners.

3) I’d like to host an event or volunteer how should I get in touch?

Please contact us at conofheroes(at)

4) I’d like to donate SWAG or other goodies? How does this work?

Same as above! Contact us at conofheroes(at) and we’ll get it coordinated.

5) What is the code of conduct – and how will it be enforced?

  • All attendees are customers of the Gamezenter and all customer guidelines apply. This includes NO outside food or drink or third-party transactions.
  • The convention planning team reserves the right to remove an attendee for 1) violating any local laws or facility rules, 2) failing to comply with the instructions of convention or Gamezenter staff, 3) endangering the physical or emotional safety of oneself or others, 4) threatening, stealing, cheating, or harassing others [including hate speech], or 5) failing to follow common-sense guidelines for mature conduct.
  • On Friday, the Gamezenter lot is very full to accommodate Asmodee North America employees, so please park across the street in the Salvation Army overflow lot as needed. On Saturday and Sunday, please park in the Gamezenter lot, paying very close attention to the signs. The parking lot can be confusing, and we owe it to the Gamezenter and its neighbors to be good patrons. Please double-check your parking spot.

6) What kind of swag will there be?

You will have the option to purchase a playmat, and other SWAG will be TBD or announced at the con.

7) I’m local and can only attend one day – do you accept 1 day badges?

We do not. For planning/health purposes, we provide full weekend badges at a very reasonable rate, mainly to cover the cost of the convention.

8) Will masks be required? What is the COVID policy?

We will follow Gamezenter and Minnesota policy, as the world could be different 10 months from now. However, we may make the judgment call to require masks as a convention, depending on how serious the nature of the situation is. We will make this known to all ticket holders and prospective ticket holders on the site and via email.

We may also require a COVID vaccine card if the situation is really bad, but we don’t plan on doing this at the moment. If you are feeling sick before the con, please consider getting a COVID test to protect your fellow con-goers. Con go-er safety is our first priority, so we may go above and beyond what CDC guidelines are at that moment.

9) What is the cancellation / refund policy should COVID cause the event to be delayed / postponed?

Note that in the event that the con is canceled because Gamezenter has fully canceled the event, we will roll the con into 2023, and will refund all tickets.

If the event is not canceled, you may refund your ticket for any reason for roughly up to three months before the convention (this is when we need to lock in the final numbers). We will provide an exact date of the refund cutoff when we are selling tickets.