Con Hours

  • Friday, May 5, 2023: 10AM to 10PM (Kitchen hours: 5PM to 9PM)
  • Saturday, May 6, 2023: 10AM to 10PM (Kitchen hours: 12PM to 9PM)
  • Sunday, May 7, 2023: 10AM to 6PM (Kitchen hours: 12PM to 5PM)

-Gamezenter hours are subject to change

2023 Events (All times are Minnesota local time)

You wanted more events in 2023, and you got it! We’re also going to aim to facilitate group finding, especially on Friday: allowing you to make friends for the weekend!

Thursday, May 4, 2023:

7:30PM – MCM Live Show and Open Gaming: MCM (Marvel Champions Monthly) and many others will be playing all sorts of games in the Doubletree hotel lobby. Stop by to play a game of Champions or other party games and get to know other con-attendees. MCM will have a recording setup where you can sit down and play a casual game with us and discuss your favorite thing about Marvel Champions to get hyped for the weekend! Bring your favorite party game (or Champions) and let’s hit the tables!

Friday, May 5 (first official day of the con):

1PM – A Match with Magneto: All tables will face off against Magneto with a non-Brotherhood modular set of their choice. 

Special Rules: 

Set the Brotherhood modular set aside – every once in a while a Brotherhood minion may appear and Con staff will announce which cards from the Brotherhood modular set you should immediately deal to the first player face-down.

Each time you defeat a checkpoint side scheme (Boarding Party, Sabotage Mastermold, and Orbital Decay) you may find (or tap) another table and tell them to remove a magnet counter from their main scheme!

The first table to defeat Magneto should let the con organizer table know – the magnetic pull of the victory will remove a magnet counter from each table!

4PM – Multiverse Meltdown (Epic Multiplayer): This was the biggest request from the community, and we’re aiming to deliver! You can find more info on the scenario here.

Special Rules: 

Before setup, read the Multiverse Meltdown rules card to the table. Different effects will impact the multiverse. When this happens simply choose the table to your left or right and let them know what bonus effect to resolve!

Each row of tables will be a new multiverse. So pass effects within your row. If 2 of 3 rows win the con will have defeated Kang in enough universes to save the multiverse!

7PM – Marvel Champions Mixer: Grab a drink (alcoholic or not) and play with someone from the Champions community who you haven’t played with before. This is the ideal time to swap playmats for signatures or complete challenge cards.

Saturday, May 6:

11AM – Con of Heroes 2023 Campaign: Join us for our yearly custom campaign event. This year includes three scenarios (down from four), thanks to 2022 community feedback. Mods and campaign cards will be provided as part of admission (unless you purchased the no-SWAG ticket).

5PM – Group Photo: We’ll be taking a con-wide group photo, so be sure to be around to be included! This was bumped up to Saturday from Sunday due to 2022 attendee feedback.

7PM – Feeling Fine and Sandy featuring Sandman: During this coarse and punny group event, the room will be taking on a classic Spidey foe. Hopefully, the PA announcements that directly impact the scenario won’t be too rough or irritating!

Special rules:

All tables will fight against Sand-Man with a modular set of their choice. Every few minutes the con organizing team will read off a sand-related pun. If anyone at your table groans (which we encourage) you’ll need to add a Sand Counter onto the City Streets.

Sunday, May 7:

10AM-Close – Community Engagement Day: Play with a Con host or a slew of community content creators in an open play day! Kids can attend the con for free this day and we’d love to see families enjoying this game together! Other non-Champions games will also be played throughout the day.

Shield HQ

Con of Heroes will be providing a table of assorted player and scenario cards, free of charge, for players to use. This is to ensure that everyone has a full experience, regardless of how much product you own.

Attendees can take these cards at will, return them, keep them throughout the weekend, or keep them after the con: the choice is yours. Card availability and stock will depend on how many people partake! Below is a sample of past SHIELD HQ offerings.


Attendees will be eligible to win prizes from our con raffles, including promos, a few full games, and other items!

Raffles will be called each day. You must be present to claim your raffle. Below is a sample of prior 2022 raffle prizes.