Con Hours

  • Friday, May 20, 2022: 11AM to 11PM
  • Saturday, May 21, 2022: 11AM to 11PM
  • Sunday, May 22, 2022: 11AM to 6PM

-Gamezenter hours are subject to change


Friday (2:30PM CST): Con of Heroes Vs. Ultron

Ultron is attacking the Con of Heroes compound, and everyone will need to band together to stop him!

Depending on the amount of groups who participate, Ultron will have a set amount of drones that the con needs to defeat (which will be tracked by a con official). All groups, collectively, will try to stop Ultron by eliminating enough drones to win the event. Even if you threat out or are destroyed by Ultron, as long as the drone menace is contained, everyone wins. Groups are free to play on any difficulty they wish.

The twist: every group will start on stage 2B!

Friday (all day): Free play with Mad Titan’s Shadow

Saturday (12:30PM CST): Tony Stark Iron Man – The Return of Thanos

Con of Heroes will be hosting a miniature “Tony Stark Iron Man event” in the spirit of the Mythos Busters Iron Man runs from Arkham Horror. The gist? You’ll play through a sequence of scenarios in a row in one sitting.

This one is a bit less intense, in the Marvel Champions style, and will consist of three scenarios back to back. Rules for this miniature campaign will be provided closer to the event (expect a few twists unique to the con), and it will task players with defeating two villains on their road to finish off Thanos once and for all!

Groups are free to play on any difficulty they wish. The con is encouraged (but not required!) to use as many Iron Man heroes as possible.

Saturday (all day): Free play with Sinister Motives (if it is not available at the time of the con, it will be Rise of Red Skull)

Sunday (11AM-6PM CST): Community Day

This is an opportunity to chill out on the last day of the con and play several non-Champions Marvel games that the convention will be providing for free play. Or you can play more Champions until the con is over!

Shield HQ

Con of Heroes will be providing a table of assorted player and scenario cards, free of charge, for players to use. This is to ensure that everyone has a full experience, regardless of how much product you own.

Attendees can take these cards at will, return them, keep them throughout the weekend, or keep them after the con: the choice is yours. Card availability and stock will depend on how many people partake!


Attendees will be eligible to win prizes from our con raffles, including promos, a few full games, and other items!